Roulette Tournament
Prize Pool 50 000 c.u.
Roulette Tournament
Prize Pool 50 000 c.u.
Date: June 17
Guaranteed prize fund - 50,000 USD
Cost of participation:
From 14:00 - 16:00 - 300 y.e.
From 16:00 - 500 c.u.
Registration starts: 14:00
Start of the first round: 18:00
Prize Pool 50 000 c.u.
Guests of all statuses can participate in the tournament.
Everyone who wants to go through the registration procedure and receive a membership card. Registration starts at 14:00
The participant card (sit & go) contains: guest ID, round number and estimated start time of the round, table number and seat (For example, table 1 seat 1, table 1 seat 2 (and so on up to 6 inclusive), then table 2 seat 1, etc. .d. to table 4 place 6 inclusive). The round number is assigned in the order of registration: for the first 24 guests - round 1, for the second group of 24 guests - round 2, etc. Similarly.

Tournament prize fund: 50 000 y.e. / 3,500,000 rubles
Main prize: $22,500 / 1,575,000 rubles
2nd place - 12 500 c.u. / 875,000 rubles
3rd place - 5 000 c.u. / 350,000 rubles
4th place - 4,000 c.u. / 280,000 rubles
5th place - 3 500 c.u. / 245,000 rubles
6th place - 2 500 c.u. / 175,000 rubles*

* It is better not to write prize places and amounts on the site (only Guaranteed PF), since if there are many participants with paid entrance, then the prizes will be larger
Tournament Mechanics:
Qualifying rounds:
Start of round 1 at 18:00
The duration of each frill round is about 30-40 minutes.
The number of qualifying rounds depends on the number of re-buys. Re-buy is possible only during the qualifying rounds, there are no restrictions on the number of re-buy per 1 guest. Cost 500 USD
With each Re-buy, the player receives a new sit&go card. Each participant takes a seat at the table.
Time to wait for a guest: 2 minutes.

A maximum of 6 guests can sit at the table. All observers must stay outside the restricted area.
Possible Bets:
Each guest is given chips in the amount of 20,000 USD. for Game. Guests make bets for 2 minutes, then a spin is performed. In the round of 5 spins, guests are required to wager each spin in the amount of at least 2,000 USD.
Minimum bet per number: 100 USD, maximum - 1,000 USD.

Allowed rates:
Bets in the field within the minimum and maximum of the table;
Compliment bets:
The bet of a complete is accepted at least 100 in increments of 100. The maximum is a complete of 1,000 c.u.
IMPORTANT! Oral bets on neighbors and sectors are not accepted.
Outside bets are not accepted.

! If the guest at the time of the next spin has chips with a total amount of less than 2,000 c.u., it is necessary to place all the chips. If the chips run out before the end of the round, the guest must return his card with a result of 0 and his signature and leave the tournament area.
During the round, the chips must be on the table, moving with chips to other tables is prohibited. After the end of 5 spins of each round, the guests must leave the chips on the table to calculate the results (the manager records in the "Result" column in the guest card, the guest puts his signature).

After that, the cards are collected, the data is entered into the standings and displayed on the screen.
1/4 finals:
According to the results of the qualifying rounds, the top 24 guests remain in the ¼ finals.
Guests receive chips based on personal results at the end of the qualifying rounds.
5 spins are played on one roulette wheel in the center of PIT2
Re-buy is not possible!
After 5 spins, 12 guests with the best results advance to the semi-final round. If the top 12 is not reached (the guests run out of chips), an additional spin is played, an additional 2,000 USD is issued for the game. to every guest.
Following the results of the ¼ finals, 12 guests with the best results receive participant cards and are invited to the American roulette table to determine the finalists.
Guests play with their chips based on the results of the 1/4 finals.
Based on the results of 5 spins, 6 guests with the best result. If the top 6 is not reached, an additional spin is played, 2,000 c.u. is given out for the game. to every guest.
The final:
6 guests with the best results according to the results of ½ final round participate in the final round.
Guests play with their chips based on the results of the ½ final
Let's allow the game to be abandoned with the consent of all 6 players and the distribution of prizes in accordance with the places of the guests after the semi-finals.
Based on the results of 5 spins, the winner is determined, as well as 2-6 places. If some guests have zero results, the remaining amount of the prize pool is divided equally among those with a zero result.
Breaks are mandatory between the qualifying rounds, as well as before each subsequent round of the playoffs.
All prizes can only be given out to winners as promotional chips (lucky chips) to play on the tables.
*The prize structure is subject to change after the final round, in case several guests have a zero result. (0 chips in hand)